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Finally I managed to write a Reading list
This is mainly for me to keep track of the manga I'm reading. But if someone happen to read my journal and read/want to read or discuss any of the manga and novel in this list I'll be very glad to know.
Now on with the reading list


Yami no kodou
by Yoshihara Rieko, known mainly for Ai no Kusabi ( that I'ven't read). I monitored the releases for almost one year unable to decide wheter reading it or not. The thing that daunted me was the art and now, after 78 chapters, I can't still say that I like it. Even if it's get slightly better volume after volume. But I absolutely like the set of charatcters and their chemistry, It's not that I like everyone but as a whole they are interesting. Moreover I was totally ensnared by the plot and the setting (clans, supernatural beings, beast familiars and so on),
I marathoned 19 volume in 10 days and now I'm waiting for the next chapter. A bonus: the chapters are quite long ^^.

Shirogane no ou Fenrir Craft
by Aoto Takane
8 chapters (Vol2) left to translate/read
This is not the top of my list, neither for the plot or for the art, but I've gradually came to appreciate it. I've caught up with the last release. Still I don't know where the plot is going, but there are only few chapters to read.

Gin no Yuusha
Mainly funny read, there are some hints of angst but it's quite light, at last till the 4th volume.

Demian Syndrome
by Oki Mamiya
I've started reading this years ago and I'm still wandering around volume 4. I've read that the plot and characterization improve in later volumes. Good to know^^

The Ravishing of the Crown prince

If you like beautifull men with long silky hair, dressed in ancient somptuous, multi-layered cloths ( just how can they even walk with all those cloths on?), you have to read it. It's a bl, but the smut is not the great part. In the novel the plot is quite interesting and intricate and focus more on politics and startegy that on romance and smut. In the manga there are one or two mild/real smut scenes in two volumes. If you can bear with them the plot and the art are very worth of a try.

Light Novels ( both chinese and japanese)

Into Illusion
(mix of novel and manga) by Yoshihara Rieko
Already read volume 1 and 2. The pace is quite slow but maybe this is the way the autor build her works, the problem here is that it seem that there will be only one volume per year. At  the second volume we are very very behind, Little more that an introduction of the characters and their past. I've already bought the third volume, but I really have to wait an year for the forth one? I've read that the third volume ends with a huge cliffangher...
Almost forgot, the art is really good for now.

Akuma no sumu ie
(Ghost Hunt serie) by ono Fuyumi
Two volumes, (15 chapters). I'm at 13 chapter now and the things are getting serious and you can tell that the climax and the solution of all the misteries, are near.
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Finally the last volume of yasashii ryuu no koroshikata (やさしい 竜の殺し方) arrived ,thanks to Kaori sensei, so I've started rereading the whole thing before begin to translate the last two chapter (the previous 1-18 were translated by Aerandria scanlation some years ago.) I've read till chapter 8, now, that is a turning point since the manga could have ended here. Ark and Uranborg (and the respective world) are safe and sound and everyone is happy (more or less: Uru had to return to yin world leaving Ark behind). But there are three more volumes to go and I don't remember a thing about them, aside that a lot of other drangon king ancestors show up. Till now we have seen Frozen Dragon Queen and Raging Flame (red headed hothead) Chephid, the one who started all this pledge thing...Frozen Dragon Queen lover may be the link to the following volumes because he simply disappears and he's the bad guy, you know, so I don't think he'd simply disappear...right?


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